KYA Ultimate Team Package - Downloads

Includes video download of all regular season games and first play-off game for all players on the team. The package also includes complete scout video access, giving coaches total access to ALL GAMES PLAYED by every team in the division. This package provides great value, giving parents and players video of their games at a very low price. The package also gives coaches all of the video necessary to prepare their team. The package offers a major scouting advantage because you have access to all games played in the division. In addition, your team also has access to all of these games. This provides the greatest value and the best tool in your toolbox for helping your team improve. A second play-off game, Super bowl and scout video for them are not included. In the event of bad weather, we will attempt to continue to record the game, however, we cannot guarantee the game will be recorded in its entirety if there is risk of damage to the camera or equipment. For example, we use umbrellas when it rains, but if the wind blows the rain sideways and presents a risk to the camera, we would stop recording until the risk subsided. When ordering, please include team name and division in the special instructions field. Video downloads are for personal use only and not for sharing via social media, portable devices or any other source. Unauthorized access or video sharing is strictly prohibited. Violators will be reported to League Officials and may face legal prosecution. Video downloads will be available up to 3 weeks after the date the video was initially posted to our site for download.
KYA Ultimate Team Package - Downloads
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